Writer Possessed or Enthusiastic?

I love Greek food. Hummus, tabouli, stuffed grape leaves, olive oil anything yummo! And I think the language is pretty cool too. I know the alphabet because I had to learn it while pledging in college. Yeah Sigma Delta Phi!

I just came across the definition of ENTHUSIASM according to the Greek…

The word enthusiasm comes from the ancient Greek word eufousiasmz EN +THEOS meaning “inspired by or possessed by God”.

The word comes from the ancient Orphic (Orpheus) religious belief system as well as the writings of Plato. The two key meanings in English of the word are:

1. Possession by a god, supernatural inspiration, prophetic or poetic ecstasy; and

2. Rapturous intensity of feeling on behalf of a person, cause, etc: passionate eagerness in any pursuit.

One word that people use to describe me other than loud is “enthusiastic” about whatever I am doing. They usually say it while shaking their heads and rolling their eyes like its negative, now I know better! I tend to have a sort of zest that folks notice. If you are going to do anything, especially mundane and boring tasks, I am all about making them fun.

Recently we sat in traffic. My three kids 16,14 and 9 on a hot black stretch of road called Interstate 80W which we dubbed the “slow road to nowhere” during our recent trip across PA. We sang, we shouted, we waved, we rocked the truck, we did Chinese fire drills – we had a blast! No gloominess, just hilarious! We made a fun memory out of a yucky situation. We relieved stress and arrived home with stories!

When I think of getting “Beside the Sea with Thee” published. I work with enthusiasm. Not only to get it out and on to the next one, but because I enthusiastically want people to experience God through his creation. Sometimes I picture God creating stuff like actually breathing things into existence. He is the author of enthusiasm. He could have stopped at one kind of fish, or one kind of crab…but NO! He created a plethora of species of everything. What was he thinking when he created the penguin? Really can you look at one and not smile? What about that nasty evil looking angler fish..yikes!

When I put words together without praying first, it is all drab and uninspired but after seeking the Creator, it seems I can tackle CREATING with enthusiasm. Now thanks to the Greek dictionary…I know why…EN THEOS…

Now it is your turn! Point to Ponder:

What are you enthusiastic about and why. And how long has it been since you enjoyed it? Why?

5 Replies to “Writer Possessed or Enthusiastic?”

  1. I loved reading this Connie, and I do imagine how He created things into existence also. And I love your Enthusiasm!! in a positive way of course. Keep on praying and writing.

  2. Hey Connie – We have a lot in common! I love Greek Food – I am a Kappa Delta (Slippery Rock pledged in 76 – so I too know the Greek alphabet) and I am enthusiastic about PraiseMoves – the Christian alternative to yoga!! I love glorifying God in body and spirit (foundation Scripture 1 Corinthians 6:20) for we were created to Praise God!
    Love the title of your blog – and thanks for teaching me what enthusiastic means – now I know why I AM enthusiastic!! Thanks for sharing this blog with me. God bless! MaryAnn

  3. I just can't finish reading this…I'm stuck on the beginning…God IS the beginning!! Haha…ok "The word enthusiasm comes from the ancient Greek word eufousiasmz EN +THEOS meaning "inspired by or possessed by God"."

    In that case, I AM ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT HIM!! Inspire me, possess me Jesus, fill me soo much that YOUR enthusiasm over me over Your creation is overflowing and overwhelming!! 🙂

  4. Did I tell you yet today how much I love you, my ENTHUSIASTIC (and I am CONVINCED, both inspired by AND possessed by God) sister! You are a HUGE blessing in my life!

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