Unraveling the mystery of me is an on going process, one I enjoy.  I was born with a passion to communicate and connect.  I’ve been talking as long as I can remember but also listening even longer.

God is the author of me and is at the center of all that I create whether it be in written or spoken form.  He has ignited a passion in me about his amazing creations.  Through communicating the goal is to connect people with their Creator.

A natural born encourager without the pom poms or megaphone, I weave biblical truth and life experiences together to motivate, inspire and encourage.  The end result is to have God glorified and lives changed and refocused on the Creator.

I am a mom to three and a wife to the same guy for more than 25 years. As a homeschool mom for a decade and a business owner, now a mom to teens and a 20something I’d say I’ve amassed quite a few life experiences and survived thus far by the grace of God and his unrelenting love for me.

I’ve spent time in the Wilderness on the Appalachian Trail and in the Boundary Waters/Quetico Wilderness Area in Canada, but also experienced time in the emotional and spiritual wilderness that also comes with the territory of being me.

The basic 411:

Author: “Beside the Sea with Thee” – prayerfully published soon. The first in the “Kissed by the Creator” Series

Speaker: See speaker page for details

1988 Graduate of Grove City College * Worked at Rodale Press * Cowles Media * National Character Education Foundation  * Reporter for the Butler Eagle * Creative Promotional Services * Certified Substitute Teacher

Kids: ages 21, 20, 15

What they say:

“Really? What can I say about  mom, she’s amazing.” – # 1 child (boy)

“My mother is a strong, crazy, nature loving person. She is faithful to God and loves living in his wonderful masterpiece.” – #2 child

“My mom always loves me, even when I am not nice. She loves God and that’s where she gets her strength.” -# 3 child

What the audience says:

“She shares with great knowledge and insight; she is informative and humorous at the same time.” – Becky F. CrossWay church

“She reminds us to look a little deeper into all that God has put here on earth for us and appreciate every moment and breath we’ve been given. ”  Diane E. Allison Park Church