Creating something out of Nothing…literally

The week after being tremendously blessed at a Writer’s Conference I am tool-LESS. Is this a word? Nope. It is my reality however. Shortly after being inspired, energized and equipped to pursue my craft and the progress of publishing my book, it happened.

The first “it” was a power surge that fried the surge protector in my office. No Modem, No Router, No Cordless Phone for awhile. I felt adrift. Full of words but no way to share them. But, I did have my cell phone as a link to the outside world. I had it that is until Saturday Morning. The next “it” was when a ride on the Phantom’s Revenge Roller Coaster went horribly wrong according to my cell phone which at some point during the 92 MPH twisty and turny ride was liberated from my pocket. Daughter Hannah made a valiant attempt at retrieval, but alas in the blink of an eye it bounced off the car behind us and fell into that great abyss under the coaster.

So, my contacts, calendar, texts, photos and yes my lifeline remain at Kennywood.

Determined to think positively of being reunited with my phone, I filled out the proper paperwork to have it sent to my house when found. In the meantime, it is quiet. I am undisturbed. No buzzing or ringing.

The lesson? I think I am being forced to spend more time Communicating with my CREATOR than actually Creating. I am not complaining. During this time of cyber solitude and being UNnetworked, I am reading more and searching more. I am enjoying the change. I actually enjoy being unwired and unteathered.

My new office is Panera, where I have been able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a REAL conversation or two with people I bump into daily. Face to Face Chatting has its benefits especially when they are buying .

I am getting out of the house more regularly but am MORE productive house wise when I am there.

This is forcing me to be organized about what is a priority and what is not when I do get my computer time.

So life has seemingly handed me lemons. I choose to make Lemonade from them. The pondering point for the day?

What negative situation have you been in that you turned around to make it a positive experience?

Now it is your turn to write if you have time. I promise I’ll read it. Better yet, meet me at Panera for coffee and oh, bring your wallet!



2 Replies to “Creating something out of Nothing…literally”

  1. I sure do wish I was able to join you at Panera!! There is one walking distance from my parents' home, but I fear that is not yours?;)) I completely understand being UNtethered as I have been relatively UNtethered for almost two years (occasional moments of computer success leave me hoping that I will again have access full-time) alas, the techno-glitches have forced me into the good-old fashioned art of communing via handwritten materials…even the cell phone communication has slowed due to carpal thumbal (iPhone…joking, no carpal thumbal, but 20 minutes to write a paragraph to one person…) So, I have learned to handwrite again, an archaic, once valuable skillset taught in elementary school…I guess our Creator and Father likes the elementary principles to remind us to SLOW down, rest and keep it simple. At some point in the not too distant past we used to survive without cell phones, pda's, computers… we were wireless and wired in…I like the solitude of a ringer free existence, and while I created my ringtone with it's melodic tune, "As the deer pants for the water, my Soul longs for You," I realize, my soul is longing more and more not for the sound my ringer presents but for Creator, our Love…Selah.

    And even as I write this response from my "just re-uploaded hard drive" I have noticed that even the "necessary" word processing programs are not found on the system…will we be bringing handwritten epistles to the publishing floor?

    Blessings on your Journey into the depths of the Silent deep!! Retreat:)

  2. Sometimes I experience brief power outages, nothing like what you're going through, and within a half hour of being "unplugged" I find myself fidgeting and almost having a physical reaction. It's like our electronic connections have become not unlike a perpetual "fix" and without it, we are instantly restless. As "techie" as I am, I really enjoyed being *mostly* unplugged at this year's MCWC. I'm still climbing out of the email hole, but that week apart was refreshing. So, as hard as it is to be unplugged, enjoy!

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