“Connie’s ability to draw parallels between the natural and spiritual is not only interesting, but thought provoking and challenging.  While she’s deeply spiritual, her easy manner captures the attention of those who are not.  Her willingness to share life experiences makes her real and relevant.”

Tammy W. – North Way Christian Community – Wexford PA

* Keeping Christ in Christmas – while the media touts santa and “getting” Connie offers practical ways to help keep the focus on giving and Jesus during the season.

* Trading Holiday Humbugs in for Happiness – Holidays bring lots of baggage emotionally and spiritually. Connie offers biblical solutions for taking those issues and turning them into blessings as you pray your way toward peace.

* Organizing 101 – This practical approach to managing the home, helps moms become more efficient with their precious time.

* Too Busy to Bless – Connie explores how our busy lives make us less likely to “be a blessing”. Practical tips and biblical mandates for taking the time to bless one another.

* Raising Responsible Children – Experiencing a problem pregnancy while homeschooling and managing a business taught Connie how to equip her kids to be responsible and successful at basic chores even as young children. She is reaping the benefits of the early training today.