Comfortable Connections

“Connie’s ability to draw parallels between the natural and spiritual is not only interesting, but thought provoking and challenging.  While she’s deeply spiritual, her easy manner captures the attention of those who are not.  Her willingness to share life experiences makes her real and relevant.”

Tammy W. – North Way Christian Community – Wexford PA

Here is just a sampling of presentations by Connie


Connecting with….

MOPS Groups

* Keeping Christ in Christmas – while the media touts santa and “getting” Connie offers practical ways to help keep the focus on giving and Jesus during the season.

* Trading Holiday Humbugs in for Happiness – Holidays bring lots of baggage emotionally and spiritually. Connie offers biblical solutions for taking those issues and turning them into blessings as you pray your way toward peace.

* Organizing 101 – This practical approach to managing the home, helps moms become more efficient with their precious time.

* Too Busy to Bless – Connie explores how our busy lives make us less likely to “be a blessing”. Practical tips and biblical mandates for taking the time to bless one another.

* Raising Responsible Children – Experiencing a problem pregnancy while homeschooling and managing a business taught Connie how to equip her kids to be responsible and successful at basic chores even as young children. She is reaping the benefits of the early training today.

“Connie is well versed on many subjects.    She shares with great knowledge and insight; she is informative and humorous at the same time.  She is able to blend Biblical Truths with down to earth language.  I always look forward to hearing her speak, no matter the topic.”

– Becky F. – Crossway Church  – Valencia PA

Women’s Ministry

*HOPE – The Anchor of the Soul – Using some nature metaphors about the sea, Connie blends vivid imagery, scripture and some take home treasure to remind you about the importance of hope and God’s faithfulness. Developed to birth hope or encourage you to be a hope- giver to someone in need.

“I’ve heard Connie Pilston Shoemaker speak on a variety of topics and can say that whatever she is speaking about she comes from a place of passion — passion for the love of our Lord.”

– Brenda P. – Sharpsburg  PA


* Your Story is HIStory– Journaling your life or your prayer life.  Why recording your thought and heart matters REALLY matters.  Practical tips for the novice and encouragement for all.

* Beside the Sea with Thee – Using the attributes of the ocean, Connie parallels them with the Life giving and Life sustaining attributes of our Heavenly Father.

“I have been blessed by Connie, she has such Godly wisdom and the ability to turn it into such practical hands-on, useful daily applications for life’s ups and downs.  She reminds us to look a little deeper into all that God has put here on earth for us and appreciate every moment and breath we’ve been given. “

Diane E. – Allison Park Assembly of God – Gibsonia PA


Revive our Relationships – This retreat delves into reconnecting with our creator, seasons of relationships, types of relationships and how to restore a broken relationship with others, or our Savior.

A Weekend by the Sea with Thee – based on her book “Beside the Sea with Thee” Buried Treasures, Beachbag Survival Kit and Sea Glass Bounty are just a few of the fun filled session to capture hearts and connect them with their Creator.  Tears, laughter and memories beside the sea with Thee

Connecting with the Creator through his Creations –  A 12 week series condensed to a weekend, perfect for a nature setting.  Exploring creation as it relates to the Creator and our purpose in it.

“Connie opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and experiencing God and all his splendor!”

Jodi G. – Butler, PA

Finding Hope and Sojourning back to Joy – Because Hope is the anchor of our souls and our prayer life is nonexistent without it, Connie explores hope and the ways it can lead to Joy.

One to One Intensive – special consideration is given to this personal session on Organizing your home, life and family.  Connie will meet in your home with you to help you develop practical strategies for making your home and your time efficient so you can focus on your family.

For details on these and other possibilities on how we can serve you at your next event please email us at [email protected]