10 Treasures from Tower

Ministry Team
Ministry Team

God was glorified at a powerful weekend at Tower Presbyterian Church in Grove City last weekend! We connected with the Ladies on the topic of HOPE as an Anchor for the Soul.  Our topics included: How Hurts Grow Us, How God loves us, and HOPE as anchor.


1.God is Faithful

2.You are never too old to learn something new

3.There is no such thing as “too much” sea glass

4.Hidden struggles brought into the light lose their power over us

5.Old friends are good friends to have

6.Power Points can be made last minute and work

Discussing a Knot in our lifeline to the Anchor of our souls.
Discussing a Knot in our lifeline to the Anchor of our souls.

7.Counseling sessions can make you hungry

8.When there is purpose to our pain, it is easier to bear

9.Stories of God’s faithfulness never get old J

10.There are NO “chance” encounters

Too Cute!
Too Cute!




Below are the 10 Truths that Tammy has learned and gleaned and shared in her Testimony by request!

When we go through trials we must believe these truths:

1. There is a specific purpose for my trial whether God sends it or allows it.

2.This trial is designed to meet His purpose in my life.

3. Trials prove to be good if we respond in faith.

4.Trials can strengthen our faith.

5.Trials allow us to demonstrate perseverance.

6.Trials will develop Christ-likeness in me.

7.This trial will help me measure my spiritual maturity. (He is making us who we are designed to be)

8.God will walk me through this trial.

9.God is in control of the time and intensity of my trial.

10.By God’s grace and power I will overcome this trial.

Tower CenterpieceOur team was so blessed. A wonderful team of ladies put together a lovely atmosphere with every detail in the beach theme. The food was amazing and the decorations delightful.

Tower TablesWe ended in worship and praise having accomplished the goal of sharing how important Hope is, and our role as Christians in being a Hope-giver to the hopeless.

Tower Audience

A special thank you to the Tower team, especially Lisa Flick for all her hard work! May He continue to till the hearts of all who attended.

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