What I learned at Camp ~ Whitehall REVIVE!

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Things I learned at Camp…

Whitehall Camp: Revive Our Relationships April 25-26

  1. Church of God sisters are a super audience
  2. This group knows how to rock the door prizes
  3. They know how to do a coffee house! Great music and eats.
  4. Soaking in Good for the Soul.
  5. Red cars + sunshine + loud music = tickets.
  6. Angela knows biscotti.
  7. God is the author of Restoration!
  8. Trials and Tests, make for great Testimonies.
  9. Every church camp has four legged ambassadors.
  10. Always take an umbrella to camp.

100_5401It was a pleasure to get to know you and share with you what God put on my heart about Relationships.  I pray that you will continue to grow your relationship with Christ and to strengthen your Godly Girlfriend Relationships that you may hold one another up when the storms of life hit!

For those of you who wanted the passage I read on Friday night.  See below:


Be Not Afraid

by Frances J. Roberts (Come Away my Beloved ~ Revised)

O my child, rest in Me.

Yes, quietly settle down in My care, as a bird settles in a nest.

For I am watching over you, and in love I will care for you.

There is no danger with which I am unable to cope.

There is no enemy too formidable for Me to handle.

I am able to carry out all My purposes, and to keep you at the same time.

Be not afraid;

Neither allow terror to strike at your heart.

My power is at your disposal.

My presence stands around you,

And nothing can harm you so long as you are in My care, and that is forever

POINT TO PONDER:  What one thing can you do now to grow your most important relationship…the one with your HEAVENLY FATHER?

3 Replies to “What I learned at Camp ~ Whitehall REVIVE!”

  1. It was such a rewarding weekend , I was asking God for answers to conflict with a friend , and HE showed me through your words the confirmation I needed , in multiple ways , and your sister’s story was an added answer to my discernment of His will. Funny I am from the Grove City Alliance , when she mentioned the ACAC , it made me chuckle, have a pastor from their on staff , just more Godincidence !!! Thank you for hearing God and speaking it !!

  2. I am so happy that you spoke at Revive this year. It was also a pleasure hearing your sister give her testimony. It was such a great weekend!

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