Have you settled for less?

The leaves are gently falling to the ground and softly settling under our trees and it is beautiful.DSC_0306  This weekend I learned a lesson about settling and it was ugly. 

My second born has always been handy, she’s a fixer, a peacemaker and problem solver.  Maybe that’s why the colleges and the Armed ForcesDSC_0359 keep calling nonstop. When my scissors, glue, foil or anything else is missing, I usually find it in her room.  She fashioned a way to turn off her light with string and a pulley so she wouldn’t have to get out of a nice warm bed to do it. Who needs a Clapper?  She was 9.

McGyverThis weekend we hung out on Saturday evening.  The lights in my room had been less than stellar for months, and I got used to the substandard.  I mentioned it to Hannah and within moments, it was fixed. This is how she rolls.

We found a beloved necklace I hadn’t worn in years because the chain got horribly knotted. She asked about it, and 15 minutes later placed it on my neck.  I settled for not wearing it again after futile attempts at the chain.  I did not ask the fixer.  We came across a lovely silver bracelet I stopped wearing because it tarnished badly.  I tried jewelry cleaner but it didn’t help so I settled into the habit of not wearing it.

Hannah grabbed her silver saddle polish and shined it to the glimmer it had when I bought it in Mexico 10DSC_0293 years ago. My jewelry was in disarray. I needed a way to hang some bracelets, “Leave it to me mom, I got this.” In moments, I had a super solution.  The fixer was at it again.

I went to bed thinking of the things, I had settled for that were substandard and easily fixed by the right person with the proper tools. They were fixed quickly and efficiently.  I pondered the time I spent bemoaning their lack in my life or my frustration over them.  How quickly I settled for less than perfect.

Was settling a result of Apathy? Fear?  Fatigue?

Had my tendency to settle on small things carried over into more significant areas? I thought of my spiritual life and my ministry and a variety of other ways I settled instead of taking this issue to the true FIXER- God! How many opportunities did I miss?  How does settling hinder me?

DSC_0373Our pastor today ironically (or not) talked about Satan telling us lies and how when we believe them, we change.  When we lose sight of the truth and how God defines us, we allow ourselves to be falsely defined by others and ourselves.

Does settling mean we are not worth more or that we have enough?  We are worth dying for. Can we ever have enough Jesus?  Can we ever have enough Grace or Mercy?

My prayer today is that none of us would “settle” especially in our spiritual life.  If you are struggling, take it to the fixer…he’s the Creator after all and has the blueprints for…well….everything.

POINT TO PONDER: Have you settled?  Have you been hindered? Is there something in your life that needs fixed – something material or spiritual?  Can you find the right person to help it get fixed? Is there something heart related you can turn over to the Lord in prayer?

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