Ode to Mother’s Day….

Surprise 75th Bday Party. No one messes with her hair!
Surprise 75th Bday Party. No one messes with her hair!

While going through several decades of mementos this weekend (centuries? Found stuff dating back to the 1830’s) I found this Mother’s Day poem that Ann Lee Schlegel wrote for her mom.  As I sat on the back porch reading it, I thought how perfect it was for a mother’s day post…so let me share it with you.

To My Mother


I’m writing this in school and though you are not near;

Your face is still before me always Mother Dear;

I love you very much all though you may not know;

For there are many , many things that one just cannot show.

I’ve hurt you many time, I’ve seen it in your eyes;

And yet I’ve found a mother’s love never dies.

You have always taught me to do right, though often I have strayed;

And when I’ve really done a wrong, in your heart you’ve paid,


It’s church on Sunday morning, League on Sunday night;

And with the passing of the years, you’ve made me see the light.

The light that quenches all our fears and turns our doubts to love.

The light that God shed on our way from heaven up above.

So he put them here on earth we just call ours “mum”.


When I’ve laughed you’ve laughed and when I’ve cried you’ve cried.

And when I’ve told you all my hopes your pride you’ve tried to hide.

I’m just an average girl, no better than the others,

Yet one thing I know, I’ve got the best of mothers.

In closing I would like to say what’s often said before;

That as the days and years go by, I love you more and more.


Your loving daughter,

Her 75th Birthday!
Her 75th Birthday!

AnnLee Snowden  (Now AnnLee Schlegel – My mum)


So on this mother’s day – decades later…I say “Back at ya Mum”  I love you more and more!Meck flowers


POINT TO PONDER:  What is your favorite Memory of your MOM:

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