What I learned at Camp

Seneca Chapel1.Bring several warm layers even in April

2.The “Heavenly Storehouses Laden with Snow” can pour out…even in April

3.Don’t forget the sleeping bag or the camera.

4.Camp food is tasty –  don’t start a diet before you head out.

5.Women Rock at Paintball.

6.Lack of outward appearing response has no bearing on INWARD Impact – YAY God!

7.A Zipline can make your age 40 + body, feel older the next day.

8.God not only calms the storms in your life, but your stomach as well.

9.Audiences love a good Super Hero story…especially when it involves BAT GIRL!

And the best thing?



This weekend was the Anchor of the Soul:  Women’s Retreat at Seneca Hills. Anchor Prop I continue to be blown away by the awesomeness of God and how he can take willing and broken vessels who serve and pour into them until they overflow on others.

We explored who God is and How he loves us.  We examined how the hurts we go through grow us. We looked at things that can harden our hearts which hinders our relationship with God and we learned about how essential hope is to our prayer life and how to be a hope giver.

We UNTIED the knots in our lifeline which keep us from being tethered to the Anchor of our souls and we became UNITED with the only sure thing to keep us from drifting in this crazy mixed up world.

Several ladies came to the true and life saving knowledge that they are daughters of a King.

We sang, journaled, prayed, pondered…did zumba, PraiseMoves and Paintball we ate and learned how to eat Biblically…we shared…we cared…we chatted…but most of all…we worshipped.Worship at Seneca

It was a memorable weekend. Thanks be to God!  If you were there comment on what you took away from the weekend.  Hope to see you again soon!

If you missed it.  Learn how you can schedule the An Anchor for Our Souls Retreat for the women at your church by leaving your query below.  We look forward to serving you!


3 Replies to “What I learned at Camp”

  1. My relationship with God has been a struggle, my entire life. I prayed but I never truly accepted God into my heart until this weekend. Every session Connie spoke in, she spoke directly to me. I have been grieving the loss of my husband for the past 3 years. My heart was hardened. Through Connie, God helped me untie the knots in my heart. I attend with the OCCA church and I made so many new friends. We prayed together throughout the weekend, and when I left on Sunday, I left a different person. I left with the knowledge that I am the daughter of the KING. Blessings to all the wonderful woman, that prayed with me and supported me on my journey to the Lord.

  2. I was one of those ladies who finally has (although I’ve been saved for many, many years)finally accepted and “came to the true and life saving knowledge that they are daughters of a King.” I no longer allow the enemy to deceive me into believing that I am not “good enough” for God. The freedom I received this weekend has been a long time coming, but I have totally embraced that Jesus died for ME and the Lord love ME, that I do not have to “prove myself” to Him, that He loves ME no matter what mistakes I’ve made in my past nor what mistakes I will make in the future, that I don’t have to “prove” myself to Him to obtain His love. I no longer have to DOUBT! Those lies the enemy have been whispering to me have been silenced! I am the Daughter of a King! Thanks, Bat Girl, for making an environment where I was finally able come out of my isolation and confess my doubting spirit and find out that I never alone after all.

    “You’ve changed it all. You broke down the wall when I spoke and confessed. In you I am blessed. Now I walk in the Light in victorious sight of you.” “Fire Fall Down” Hillsong

  3. God IS awesome. It was a wonderful weekend. My mom and I were both refreshed in Him.
    Julie and Colleen, awesome to hear your testimonies!
    Thank you Connie, for being willing vessel for our God to use!
    Love you, sister!

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