Word of 2013 – WONDER !



Did you ever wonder about God’s paintbrush?  His color choice is amazing and the dawn and sunsets are just like postcards from heaven to us.  But what really creates the color that we see?  Do we leave it up to mystery or are we curious about the science behind the hues of cyan, magenta, maize, and plum? 

Well on my drive into the city today this was my thought.  Had I a smart phone I would have looked it up during the stillness of traffic…yet another reason for me NOT to have one.  Instead I marveled and wondered at the beauty and watched harried drivers texting and talking and missing this beautiful display.

Mozambique SunriseIt is this sense of Wonder that God birthed in me from the time that I was a small child that drives my daily quests to find out the whys and hows of everything.  It drives those around me nuts I am sure.  I was often told as I child, “It just grows that way”  or “Because God made it that way”.

After one of my speaking engagements where I discussed some of the unique and awesome aspects of creation, a lady came up to me and said, “Well I know I will never look at dirt the same way again.”

It is no wonder that my word for the year is WONDER! I kept coming across this scripture: 

“Everyone was gripped with great wonder and awe, and they praised God, exclaiming, “We have seen amazing things today!” ~ Luke 5:26 

101_9382I wanted to literally shake the drivers this morning and show them what they were missing ~ Look at those amazing colors!  We are seeing amazing things! 

Now while I was hoping my word for the year would be something really noble or smart sounding, something that perhaps a well known woman of God would choose like Gratitude or Sacrifice or Humility.  I prayed but I got … WONDER.

And as I started to write this blog I wondered why it was so hard.  As I was calling it quits the other night, my sister sent me a quote from the sermon that day. 

“Wisdom begins in WONDER – in letting God be God, in accepting some mystery where God is concerned,

in not reducing Him to our standards.” 

As I speak to women this year, it is my heart’s desire to equip them with wisdom and knowledge about God and the power he can have in our lives. I hope to do that through awakening their wonder!

“Wisdom begins in Wonder” I love that!  I am journaling about it this week.  Perhaps it will appear here next week. 101_9423Oh incase you were wondering…..The colors in the sky during the sunrise and sunset are caused by the scattering of small particles or molecules in the atmosphere.  As they move they change the directions of the light rays.  The wavelength of the light and the size of the particles determine the color.  Pretty cool huh?  Regardless we need to be mindful of the inventor or creator of color.  While science can explain it, God created within us the wisdom to see it as beautiful.

Point to Ponder:  As you think about God and his mighty creations…do you wonder?  Can you even fathom the greatness of all that his hands have wrought?  What do you wonder most about?

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  1. How wonderful and thought provoking, your Dad would be so proud to know of your spiritual journey. I’m sure he does know……….as he watches
    over you. Love, Mom

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