Talking Dirt – Soil Actually!

My class this week was on MAN one of God’s most epic creations.  My “Connecting with the Creator through his Creations” class has explored, weather, animals, rocks and I decided it was time to explore how intricately connected we are with our Creator.

“Let US create man in OUR image”

Genesis 1:26

So I launched into the three parts of the human: Body Soul and Spirit and in probing the depths of each one, beginning with the body, I was struck by this verse.

God formed the body of man from the dust of the earth.

Genesis 2:7

Recently I was reading about the elements of the human body. While we are primarily composed of water – Hydrogen/Carbon/Oxygen, we have other elements as well such as nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.  Why is this so astounding?  Because these are the same elements as in common soil, which lends credence to the above verse.  It also magnifies the Creator, because really what can YOU make out of dirt?

It gets better, because as I explored dirt I learned about Parent Rock.  Apparently all soil depending on where it is located was derived from the rock in the area and shares characteristics belonging to that type of rock. Parent rock provides a great deal of the chemical backbone for the soil. For instance, a soil that contains sediment from limestone will be high in calcium and will also have a basic pH. This will be much different than soil derived from granite, which will have a higher sodium or aluminum content and a pH that tends more toward neutral or acidic.

So with Christ as our Rock, what does that say about the characteristics of our soil? Remember we were formed from dirt by the hands of the Creator God on his turf.

When science tries to make an individual by cloning or by using tissue, they are using matter already created.  Our God made us from dirt and science doesn’t have our recipe.

If GOD is our parent rock that would mean… we come from some pretty special stuff!

What does that mean for you?  You are a miracle apply that to your current circumstance.

If  He can take dirt and make something as special as you. He can take your dirt and make it something special to!

Point to Ponder What can this knowledge of Parent Rock mean for you? Could it mean that you are tougher than you think you are? Or maybe stronger? Could it mean that you can achieve something you thought formerly impossible?  Give your dirty mess back to the one who created you and allow him to mold something useful from it all.

2 Replies to “Talking Dirt – Soil Actually!”

  1. Enjoyed this post! Loved this “If He can take dirt and make something as special as you. He can take your dirt and make it something special to!” Boy, isn’t that the truth! Thanks.

  2. Very cool. I esp. like that Christ is our Rock, our Parent Rock – a wonderful new reason for Him being called our Rock.
    Thanks, Connie!

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