Life’s Tsunamis

In reading about deadly storm surges and tsunamis, I learned the height and speed of the water are determined by the landscape of the deep ocean floor. What we see in the surge, is based on what lies unseen in the formation of the ocean floor.

In December 2004 a tsunami hit Indonesia and left more than 150,000 people dead or missing and millions more homeless in 11 countries, making it the most destructive tsunami in recorded history. It was a normal day. Sunny blue skies, but unbeknownst to the masses, an earthquake deep in the Indian Ocean generated enough energy to send a wall of water rushing the shorelines and waterways hundreds of miles away. There was no real warning for many.

Walls of water can rush at 600 MPH leaving in their wake desolation and devastation.

Tsunamis can be a result of seismic activity or storms.

The 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia affected people who didn’t feel the earthquake and were nowhere near the epicenter, yet the consequences for many were life altering.

Occasionally life can resemble a tsunami leaving desolation and devastation in its wake. Conflict, betrayal, a lie, a diagnosis and a clear sky day can turn on a dime without warning. What about the times when we are caught up in the surges of someone else’s life. We aren’t the cause or even near it when it happens yet we are rocked by its shockwaves…often unexpectedly.

Surviving a tsunami or storm surge is about leverage.

Our only salvation from being swept away in a surge is being tethered to something larger and stronger than ourselves and the force of the surge itself.

Emotional tsunami’s can enter our lives without warning. Being prepared and assured of a solid foundation can help us weather the surge. How will you stand firm in the face of that diagnosis, that loss, that grief, that broken trust?

Our Creator promises to be a refuge.

Psalm 9:9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Point to Ponder: What lies unseen in our hearts? What determines the force of our surges, of our waves as they crash ashore? Where is our stronghold?

7 Replies to “Life’s Tsunamis”

  1. Connie – having had a tsunami of a head injury that transformed my life in an instant I understand how important it was to have God to hold on to – I told God, my head is the thing I have used to figure out everything and it is the thing not working. All I can do is hold onto the fact that You have been faithful to me all my life, because I cannot see anything good that can come out of this. God has a sense of humor. I was hit by a garbage truck to get rid of my pride and stinking thinking and bring me to total dependance on Him. Though I would never wish a head injury on anyone, I can truly thank God for what I have learned and what He has done to show me that in my weakness, He is strong! He is always faithful!

  2. Wow!! You have such a wonderful way with words!! You put God's thoughts and words into some thing extremely applicable into everyday life. I am so glad you are my Mumsy!!

  3. I see why you suggested I read this one. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Glad to know that God is forever my refuge and strong tower regardless of the impeding circumstances I may face.

    God's Love,


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