Pondering St. Patrick of Ireland and Nature

I’ve been writing and speaking for more than 20 years. I’ve always enjoyed pondering about and crafting a talk. I love weaving imagery into whatever I am trying to communicate to the audience.

Pondering is the bud of my writing. I love to ponder things I see, hear, smell and read. Quotes like “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson can roll around for days in my mind. Images of nature seem to stick with me.

St. Patrick of Ireland used a shamrock to explain the Trinity. He knew that we could see something and learn something about God by reflection on His creation.

I believe, like St. Patrick, that nature—created by God—reflects His glory.

Through this blog and my book series “Kissed by the Creator” I convey to readers the awesomeness of God through his magnificent creations.

When speaking to people about the sea, heads nod – not to sleep! – they nod in kinship. The sea seems to universally speak to us. In my book, “Beside the Sea with Thee” I take the reader on a vacation for their soul. It is a reflective book that offers hope, encouragement and a respite from the noisy world. (book is in editing currently)

From the book… “

Before you can see it, you can smell it. The aroma of life-giving water combined with the aroma of the gifts of the sea – the shells, fish, plants and creatures that combine to form one of the most fascinating ecosystems on the planet.

With reckless abandon you grab those who love you best and run to the sea as if called by some strange force of nature. You mount the top of the dune or boardwalk and drink it in – the smells, the sight of water that stretches beyond your imagination and you feel the rhythm of the sea. That life-giving sea …

Speaking topics and retreats spawned from the book include: “Buried Treasure”, “Surviving the Sea of ….”, and “Rx 4 H2O”. For more information please contact me, Connie Pilston Shoemaker at [email protected]

I welcome your comments and hope you will participate in the pondering here when you have time or when the spirit moves you to contribute.

Today’s point to ponder, please feel free to comment below.

“What aspect of nature stirs your soul?

Is it a sunrise? A flower? A majestic 10 point buck with symmetrical rack? A hummingbird nest? What causes you to stop in your tracks, breathe deeply and just Know…’this is something special’ ?

Your turn to write!

6 Replies to “Pondering St. Patrick of Ireland and Nature”

  1. For me it is a waterfall. We recently hiked to an amazing waterfall while on vacation. It was over 400 feet tall and falling down a huge cliff into a small pool that lead to a beautiful river. I stood at the edge of the pool looking straight up the falls and just soaked up the mist and feeling of being alive while there. I marvel at the beauty and creativity in God's creation. How blessed we are that He gave us these things to enjoy.

  2. Hi, Connie! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging . . .

    In response to your question, the mountains have always done it for me. I can breathe up there. Back down home, I need to have sunflowers. Must be the Italian-American in me!

  3. For me it is horses. There is nothing more moving than a horse nuzzleing you when you meet him in the pasture…or galloping bareback through the woods or on a beach..

  4. I guess for me it would be the ocean…..I love to just sit and look at how magnificent it is and I think if I could go there now that I would be so inspired by it, for some strange reason. I also love horse although I am not an animal person at all, they are just beautiful to me. All of Gods' creation is and has always been inspiring to me. People inspire me too. I love reading your blog!

  5. For me, it's watching my daughter when she doesn't know I'm looking. I love to look at the miracle my Amazing God has created. I love to watch her pretend – imagining to be something or someone. I love to eavesdrop on her conversations with pretend friends. I love to watch her sleep. I love to look at her perfectly formed fingers, toes, arm, legs…. It sometimes overwhelms me that our Lord has entrusted me with such a marvelous gift to nurture, to protect, to teach His ways. I know that without Him and His help, I'd never able to do it. It amazes me that He loves me so much that He is willing to bless me by letting me borrow His Princess for this time on earth.

  6. Wow, thanks for the responses, I am blessed by each one! Bottom line? We do serve an awesome CREATOR God!

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